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Bianca Yao

Known to her fans as Biancake, Bianca has been putting out content for close to a decade now. She’s worked with some of the biggest esports and gaming companies in the Philippines, including Tier One Entertainment, Mineski, PeSO, and LuponWxC.

A gamer ever since she was young, she had to support her passion and make a career around the fact that she still had to go through schooling as she made a name for herself. That is what contributed to her savvy nature of always having a backup, an insurance policy, and indeed, a “Plan B”.

Now, Bianca is the founder, creative director, and CEO of her own gaming apparel brand, Plan B.


Plan B is the brainchild of Bianca “Biancake” Yao, one of the Philippines’ first and finest digital gaming content creators. Through her years as a pro-player, host, shoutcaster, streamer, and more, Bianca pioneered the blueprint of what modern pinoy content creator looks like.

And what is a blueprint if not a Plan?

As one of the most successful streamers in the country, Bianca wanted to champion a lifestyle brand made by artists for the fans. Plan B is the fullest expression of that goal; an apparel line that speaks to gamers on entry level.

What is Plan B?

When you think of the term, a few things come to mind: second, backup, failure.

But plan B is not merely the next best thing after plan A doesn’t work out. Plan B is the essential element of being ready to adapt. Plan B is looking at the world, understanding that the game is always changing, and seeing how you can navigate your way through it.

Plan B is preparedness.

Plan B is skill.

And we want you to wear that skill with pride.


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